Amazing and Challenging Good News

by | Dec 26, 2020 | Formation, Reflections

In an amazing way, God becomes the son of the human family, so that we may belong to the family of God.

The parents find amazing what they hear about their baby boy. It is as though an angel never brought them the amazing Good News about their son. But that is how the lowly are; the Word of God turns out for them more and more amazing.  For though it is of old, it stays new (St. Augustine).  Hence, it does not cease to amaze them.

Nor does the amazing Word cease to challenge those who heed it.  That is why it awes them; they shake before it (Is 66, 2).  It brings out the thoughts of many hearts.

The Good News also asks that we conform to it.  That is to say, we are to be little, helpless, in the hands of God, as the baby Jesus.  He is the firstborn among the poor of Yahweh, like Simeon and Anna.

Yes, the Word calls us.  It does not want us to stay inside out fear for what is out there (SV.EN XII:81).  For if we look out for our own interests, we will not have the attitude of Christ (Phil 2, 4-5).  Nor will we reach his maturity (Eph 4, 13).

Amazing and awesome exchange between families

About our families, then, they have to be of the amazing family of God.  That is to say, there is love in them, respect, service and help.

But it is not enough for me to love God if my neighbor does not love him (SV.EN XII:215).  Nor is it enough for our families to be of God’s family if others are not.  So then, we cannot be self-absorbed, worried about our safety.  Not in hard times, when we most need to be one.

No, no crisis should make us withhold mercy.  For it is not the time to hoard the things we can lay our hands on.  Rather, it is time to open our hand to those who are in need.

Hence, our families must be merciful, just, understanding.  They should fan the flames of the Spirit (J. Freund).

And we should let the family of God challenge our families.  For Jesus must be in his Father’s house (Lk 2, 49).  And it is not true that he is out of his mind (Mk 3, 21).  What is true is that his mother, brothers and sisters are those who do what God wills (Mk 3, 35).

True to the Good News, our families will be like the yeast that will leaven other families.  They will be like the boy who shares his few loaves and fish, until five thousand or so have their fill.  Until our families are of God’s family, where there will be no strangers (Eph 2, 19).

Lord Jesus, like Simeon and Anna, we wait for you.  Come and console us in an amazing way

27 December 2020
Holy Family (B)
Gen 15, 1-6; 1, 1-3; Heb 11, 8. 11-12. 17-19; Lk 2, 22-40


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