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Ascension of the Poor Lying in the Dust

Spirit of Signs, Life as well as Truth

At the request of Jesus, God gives the Holy Spirit to those who love Jesus. First, the Spirit remains with those who prove they love Jesus by keeping his commandments.  As the presence of the Ascended one who has become the Giver of gifts, the Spirit equips believers...

Ascension of the Poor Lying in the Dust

Farewell that Brings Life and Courage

Jesus encourages his followers as he bids them farewell.  He reveals that he is the way and the truth and the life. Jesus bids his followers farewell.  He knows it troubles them.  So, he says:  “Do not let your hearts be troubled.  You have faith in God; have faith...

Ascension of the Poor Lying in the Dust

Burning, Listening and Welcoming

Jesus is the last word about unheeding, cold and uncaring hearts turning into hearts that listen, are burning and welcoming. The disciples heading toward Emmaus know that the word, like the flames shooting out of burning brush, spreads quickly.  Hence, the question of...

Ascension of the Poor Lying in the Dust

Dawn Means Love and Return to the Source

The risen Jesus is the dawn from on high.  When we love him and keep his word, our darkness fades. Mary Magdalen visits the tomb at dawn.  Seeing the tomb open, she worries just as the religious leaders do.  It worries them that someone may steal the body of Jesus....

Ascension of the Poor Lying in the Dust

Die as Does Jesus on the Cross

Obeying God and keeping his word, Jesus dies on the cross.  Christians ought to die in the same way. We hear, not rarely, “Such life, so too the end.”  That is to say, we die as we live.  So, St. Vincent rightly teaches that to die like Jesus Christ, one has to live...

Ascension of the Poor Lying in the Dust

Welcome for the Marginalized and Excluded

As he gives welcome to the marginalized, Jesus reflects the invisible God.  This God listens to the poor, executing justice for the orphan and the widow, and befriending the alien. Jesus is unlike those who walk around with blinders.  As he passes by, he sees a blind...

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