Ross Dizon


Hunger for the Word of God

Like Jesus in Mind, Heart and Action

Jesus is the one whom God has anointed with the Holy Spirit and sent to bring glad tidings to the poor.  And he wants us to be like him, bringing the Good News to the poor by the power of the Spirit. We Christians try to become like Jesus Christ.  We seek to conform...

Hunger for the Word of God

Baptism with the Holy Spirit and Fire

Jesus is God’s very dear Son and his Christ.  His baptism authenticates him so.  And he will baptize whomever believes in him with the Holy Spirit and fire. Receiving prayerfully John’s baptism of repentance, Jesus shows once again that he is one with us...

Hunger for the Word of God

Home to Us and Home to Jesus Christ Also

The Word becomes flesh and makes his dwelling among us.  He wants our home to be his also, though we are slow to understand and accept him. Mary and Joseph cannot find Jesus.  He is not in the caravan.   They do not see him among the relatives and acquaintances...

Hunger for the Word of God

Connection, Meditation and Conversation

The child Jesus lying in the manger draws us to himself.  Connecting with him truly, we cannot but have connection with others. We warm up easily to the figure of the shepherd because of its connection to Christmas.  And one can safely bet that shepherds do not lack...