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Shocking without any doubt

Shocking without any doubt

Jesus, the embodiment of God’s shocking forgiveness, provides us with the opportunity to love with abandon. It is shocking to Simon the Pharisee that his guest lets a notorious sinful woman approach him.  He doubts, therefore, that Jesus is a prophet. Simon and the...

Shocking without any doubt

Troubled unto a troubling death

Human misery leaves Jesus troubled, and he seeks that other people’s miseries leave us likewise troubled. The disciples and a large crowd accompany Jesus to Nain.  A large crowd from Nain is with a widow at her only son’s funeral procession.  The stage is set for a...

Shocking without any doubt

Generosity that is Eucharistic and priestly

Dying on the cross, Jesus consummates his generosity.  He thus stands out as the most compassionate of all, and the one and only supreme mediator between God and us. How admirable Jesus’ generosity!   Though rich, he becomes poor for our sake, so that by his poverty...

Shocking without any doubt

Surprises and more surprises

Jesus does not cease to surprise.  He uses surprises to teach us everything, through the Holy Spirit, and to guide us to all truth. What a surprise of surprises surely for the disciples to see their Teacher alive after his crucifixion and burial!  His entry into the...

Shocking without any doubt

Witnesses of Jesus throughout the world

Jesus appoints his followers to be his witnesses.  Are we so really and in a credible manner? Jesus tells the witnesses of his passion, death and resurrection: You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem,...

Shocking without any doubt

Intimate disciples of Jesus

Jesus wants us to be his intimate lovers, proven so through our keeping of his word.  He seeks to share with us, through the Holy Spirit, his Father’s love and genuine peace. In the first place, Jesus affirms that to love him truly means to carry out his word.  He...

Shocking without any doubt

Glory and new life through love

Jesus reveals to us the way of love that leads to glory and the new life. Judas leaves to carry out fully his betrayal.  It is night, which does not mean that the light no longer shines in the darkness. Divine glory still shines brightly.  Jesus speaks of it to his...

Shocking without any doubt

Chief and eternal Shepherd of the flock

Jesus is a Shepherd who cares and protects; we fear no evil even when we walk through dark valleys. Jesus and the one who has sent him to be Shepherd of the whole flock are one.  The Shepherd’s success depends on this union. The intimacy between the Father and Jesus...

Naked in the presence of Jesus

Jesus alone clothes the naked and fills those who are empty by sharing with them his mission to clothe the naked and fill those who hunger and thirst for justice and mercy. Peter, who is fishing naked—do those who have fishing as their occupation work naked...

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