A Time to Withdraw to the Wilderness

I remember what a priest once shared, during the season of Advent, on how his mother prepared her children for the celebration of Christmas. This mother, though she was an illiterate and simple woman, had a very unique way of preparing her children for Christmas. On...

Simple, Not Hidden • A Weekly Reflection with Vincent

"Another thing that recommends simplicity to us in a wonderful way are those words of Our Lord: 'I confess to you, Father, because you have hidden these things from the wise and prudent, and have revealed them to little ones.' I acknowledge this, Father, and thank You...

The Herald of Good Tidings

In the liturgical readings of the season of advent the book of Isaiah has a prominent place. Especially the passage, (Isa 40:1-11) in which we read about the voice which commands the herald of good tidings to “Cry out.” It is a solemn command to announce the good news...

Vincentian Advent Reflections 2023 – Week 1

A beautiful reflection about “gift-giving”.

Asking for spare change

Asking for spare change

How should I handle being asked for spare change? The homeless Hub asks “What is the best and most respectful way to handle someone who is asking for spare change? I am often approached by someone asking for spare change while I sit at a red light and I find it...

Frederic Ozanam speaks to us today

History does repeat itself! Frederic Ozanam speaks to us today in this letter written by Blessed Fredric in 1836. It is rich food for thought as we prepare to celebrate his feast September 9. If in the Middle Ages a sick society could be healed only through a huge...

Consumed by love

Twenty Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time (B), September 13, 2015 – Is 50, 5-9a; Jas 2, 14-18; Mk 8, 27-35 I will demonstrate my faith to you from my works (Jas 2, 18) In Jesus, the Suffering Servant, God’s invisible and pure love becomes visible and exposes itself to the...

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