Protecting the Children • A Weekly Reflection with Ozanam

One is terrified, and rightly, by that multitude of children growing up for disorder and for crime, with no other education than the examples of the theatre and the temptations of the public square. It is not well known that in district 12, four thousand boys and...

Distraction to Insight

I was implicitly taught to regard that as a distraction from focusing on the Body of Christ I just received. Suddenly, with insight, I became grateful for this “distraction”!  What changed?

Bottom Land (Mt 5:21)

We all know the phrase, “getting to the bottom of it.” It means digging down beneath the outside appearances to the inner core of something

Heard any Shocking Statements?

Heard any really “shocking statements” in the last 24 hours?


Twenty Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time (B), October 11, 2015 – Wis 7, 7-11; Heb 4, 12-13; Mk 10, 17-30 The word of God is living and effective (Heb 4, 12) Jesus loves us so much he challenges us to be all that we can be with his help. He looks with love at the rich man...

Jonah: The Protesting Prophet

Jonah: The Protesting Prophet

Father Pat Griffin continues his series "Considering Consecrated Life" with this reflection on “Jonah: The Protesting Prophet” For the past two weeks and into this week, the Minor Prophets have provided many of the texts for our reflection at the Eucharist. Haggai,...

The gift of meaning – T.McKenna

The gift of meaning – T.McKenna

The Gift of Meaning (Lk 10:17ff) from a retreat reflection presented to the Daughters of Charity in Los Altos, California. Have you ever come across people who tell you that life for them has little or no meaning -- or even have you yourself gone through times when...

The bar is high

Twenty Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time (B), October 4, 2015 – Gen 2, 18-24; Heb 2, 9-11; Mk 10, 2-16 He is not ashamed to call them brothers (Heb 2, 11) Jesus remains faithful even if we are unfaithful, for he cannot deny himself. He cannot be other than the faithful...

The Journey – Fr. Pat Griffin

The Journey – Fr. Pat Griffin

In this reflection on “The Journey” Fr. Patrick Griffin continues his series of reflections "Considering Consecrated Life" Some may wonder what it was like in NY during the visit of Pope Francis. Let me offer one man’s experience . . . not of the privilege of being...


September 27, 2015: Solemnity of St. Vincent de Paul (Is 52, 7-10; 1 Cor 1, 26-31; 2, 1-2; Mt 5, 1-12a); Twenty Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Num 11, 25-29; Jas 5, 1-6; Mk 9, 38-43. 45. 47-48) I resolved to know nothing except Jesus Christ crucified (1 Cor 2, 2)...