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The Privilege of Serving the Poor • A Weekly Reflection with Ozanam

Those who have the privilege of distributing the public help [...] go, for instance, to the twelfth arrondissement, one of the strongholds of the insurrection, and out of about ninety thousand inhabitants they find eight thousand families inscribed on the list of the...

Reach Beyond

Welcoming the Stranger - I attended a Syrian Refugee workshop presented by my Diocese. It gave me us a better understanding of how we can be present to them.  I was a stranger and you welcomed me.  This statement from Matthew is one we follow willingly and lovingly in...

The Virtue of Holy Indifference

In Christian spiritual tradition, the state of perfect acceptance of the will of God by an entire resignation is called as the virtue of holy indifference. It is not a virtue among many other virtues, but it is a state of virtuous life. There is a famous philosophical...

Welcoming the Stranger – An Examination of Conscience

One of the ways of measuring scripture’s impact on us is an examination of our lives against key scriptural verses. Here is a list of important verse from the Bible about welcoming the stranger and some questions to think about.

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