A Vincentian View: Inspiration

We pray for the inspiration of the Holy Spirit as we pray and live the Gospel. 

What Wise People are in your Life?

A truly wise person helps you to see, and helps you step back to get perspective.

Contemplation: To Discern, Not to Decide

This post originally appeared on In the Society of St Vincent de Paul, “all decisions are made by consensus after the necessary prayer, reflection and consultation.” [Rule, Part I, 3.10] In other words, we don’t simply vote the minority “off the island,”...

Calm in the Middle of the Storm

By trusting in the Lord Jesus we can stay calm even when evil seems to triumph.

A Vincentian View: Journeying Together – Joseph and Mary

Mary in our Midst

In college, I had one course in Art Appreciation.  Since my own background for understanding art left much to be desired, this course proved valuable.  One remark remains with me:  Once an artist finishes a work, he has lost control over it; now it belongs to the...

Find Jesus Christ on the Outskirts

Troubled unto a troubling death

Human misery leaves Jesus troubled, and he seeks that other people’s miseries leave us likewise troubled. The disciples and a large crowd accompany Jesus to Nain.  A large crowd from Nain is with a widow at her only son’s funeral procession.  The stage is set for a...

Listen to your heart

Listen to your heart

Listen to Your Heart - Apostles’ Creed Today - Vincentians Serving in Faith – Called to Serve in Joy Listen to Your Heart - When you listen to your heart chances are God has a message for you.  Talking to God, answers are in your heart.  Lord, open my mind that I may...