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Journal of Vincentian Social Action

by | Jun 29, 2016 | Announcements, Formation, Poverty: Analysis and Responses


St. John’s University has announced the launch of the Journal of Vincentian Social Action, a new contribution to Vincentian Scholarship.

Available online through Digital Commons, the journal provides a scholarly forum for those working to address community-defined needs; a forum where practical solutions are presented to address the plight of the disadvantaged and needy. Measurement and assessment of these efforts connecting action to outcome are a critical component ensuring positive results and real change in the lives of the disadvantaged.

In announcing the journal, the editors inform us

St. Vincent DePaul’s devotion to addressing the needs of the poor is rooted in the foundation of a Vincentian education. Vincent believed in action with impact and creating practical solutions to improving the lives of those in need. A Vincentian education in the twenty- rst century preserves this unique tradition while committing to a dynamic educational vision which nurtures a sense of
civic responsibility in the hearts and minds of its recipients.

The Journal of Vincentian Social Action (JoVSA) is published biannually, engaging the greater community in the service of the disadvantaged. It is now linked in our formation section under “resources.”


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