eBook: Louise de Marillac, a Spiritual Woman

VinFormation, the site dedicated to VIncentian charism formation resources, offers a new eBook – Louise de Marillac, A Spiritual Woman

New VinFormation Site is Live!

Take some time and check out our newly renovated VinFormation site! Now also available in Spanish En español: VinFormación Presentations, Videos, Timelines, Prayers, Quotes, Images... the resources are never-ending and are available to you with the click of a link....

The Five-Hour Rule

Sometimes, you run into something on the web or on blogs that is just helpful to share. The Five-Hour Rule is one of those things. The Five-hour rule is about lifelong learning and the commitment to it. Online learning is the wave of the present (no, not the future...

Meeting of the National Council of the Vincentian Family in Honduras

On January 14 and 15, the National Council of the Vincentian Family in Honduras met. Here is a brief summary of this meeting: Saturday, January 14 The meeting began with an opening prayer and welcome by Mirna Guzman. Then a brief description of the objectives of the...
Vincentian approach Evangelization

Vincentian approach Evangelization

“It was clear to Vincent de Paul (just as it is clear to us) that it is useless to tell people that they are children of God and that Christ died for them if those people are dying of hunger, if society continues to heap scorn upon them, and if dogs are treated better than people who are poor. Again, we must understand that the process of evangelization demands action as well as words.”