Poverty Analysis

The Grasshopper Theory of Poverty and Change

A simple story that describes what it is like to be poor.

eBook: St. Vincent de Paul and the “New Poor”

It seems to be difficult for society to see and recognize those men and women who are poor. To read more, download the eBook “St. Vincent de Paul and the ‘New Poor'” which is available in various formats.

Friendship as a Key to Systemic Change

Have you ever thought of friendship as a key to systemic change in our approach to poverty? If you lost everything, how long would it take you to get something to eat, find a place to stay, and a get some work? Tough situation? Yes! But nothing compared to the...

Poverty as social sin

Poverty: An Opportunity for Encounter or Exclusion? By: Marian Lamoureux North Central Region Voice of the Poor Leader As Vincentians, have we ever thought about poverty as “social sin?” This notion of social sin is a powerful concept in Catholic social thought and...
Why be the Voice of the Poor?

Why be the Voice of the Poor?

By identifying and bringing attention to those issues that are critical to those living in poverty and to the structures, societal and legislative, that cause and perpetuate poverty, VOP Vincentians can help communities and elected representatives to develop strategies and tactics that will provide the most effective and efficient mean to reduce or eliminate poverty.

Vincentian thinkers

Vincentian thinkers

CALL FOR PAPERS -Prosperity, Poverty and the Purpose of Business Rediscovering Integral Human Development in the Catholic Social Tradition It has been said that the character of a people is found in the way that it treats its poor and marginalized. So what is the...

Thrown in jail for being poor

Thrown in jail for being poor

Unfortunately such reports are becoming more and more common. "Thrown in jail for being poor: the booming for-profit probation industry"  "Many poor Americans face jail when they can’t pay steep fines for nonviolent crimes, like $1,000 for stealing a $2 beer. So...