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The documentary “Opeka” Wins the Golden Palm at the Beverly Hills Film Festival

Yesterday, Saturday, June 20, the winners of the prestigious Beverly Hills Film Festival were announced. The documentary "Opeka," about the life and work of Pedro Opeka, a missionary of the Congregation of the Mission in Madagascar, has won the Golden Palm. The...

Film Documentary on Pedro Opeka, CM

A very skilled film-maker has submitted a documentary on Pedro Opeka’s work in Madagascar.

The Mission of Jangany and the Promotion of the Poor … a Model of Systemic Change

One example of a systemic change project comes from Madagascar, in the village of Jangany, where Fr. Tonino Cogoni, C.M. has been ministering for over twenty years.

The Beautiful Prayer of Pope Francis for the Workers of Akamasoa

The Pope met the workers of Akamasoa, the “City of Friendship,” and prayed for them all.

Interview with Father Pedro Opeka, C.M.

Interview with Father Pedro Opeka, C.M.

Taking advantage of his visit to Rome in 2018, the journalist Elena Grazini had the opportunity to ask some questions to Father Pedro Opeka, missionary of the Congregation of the Mission in Madagascar: 1- Father Pedro what does it mean today to live in Akamasoa? How...

A Dream Called Akamasoa

A Dream Called Akamasoa

The visit to Rome of Father Pedro Pablo Opeka, CM, had a double purpose: to make known the work done in the Mission of Madagascar among the most forgotten poor and to collect funds to continue that work in Akamasoa. At the press conference held in Rome, Father Pedro...

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