Vincentian Places 15 – Toul

In 1635 St. Vincent de Paul sent Vincentians to Toul to take charge of the Hospital of the Holy Spirit, more of a refuge than a medical facility, in his efforts to bring relief to Lorraine which was ravaged by war during his lifetime.

Firewood for the Soul: We are All Servants

A weekly reflection for all the Vincentian Family, from Australia.

The God Minute: Karen’s Story

A Marian-themed reflection.

Being on the Side of the Workers • A Weekly Reflection with Ozanam

Of course, the districts of Saint-Jacques and of Jardin-des-Plantes do not always give the spectacle of the same desolation. We know there shopping streets, poor but livable houses, narrow but well-kept rooms that retain remains of an old slack, waxed furniture, white...
Read the Signs of Jesus in Our Midst

Fire up Our Whole Selves with Love

Jesus makes known by words and deeds that we cannot love God without loving our neighbor.  We Christians seek to fire up ourselves with love. The Church asks us today to keep watch. For we do not know the day or the hour when the Son of Man will come back. And to keep...