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Prezi: A Change has Come

Don’t know Prezi? This online tool can light up a presentation! Check out this one! Prezi gives the feel of a live PowerPoint presentation, but at the pace of the viewer. You can add notes, transcripts, and more. Check this Prezi out (it’s got a small technical problem with one embedded video, but it’s a […]

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Open your eyes

Open Your Eyes • A Music Video

I’m going to show my age (60). Bursting on the music scene out of Queens, New York in the mid-seventies, The Ramones are probably punk rock’s best known band. Punk stripped down the rock music genre to its bare essentials, and a sub-group of this movement began to produce music with a distinct “societal critique” […]

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Social Media’s Impact on Relationships

In a relevant article for all of us “social media addicts,” Shelley Galasso Bonanno, M.A. reflects at PsychCentral. Happy Valentine’s Day! Human beings yearn for connection and belonging. Numerous studies have linked social support to positive mental health. Additional studies have cited the negative emotional impact of loneliness. Research has further revealed people with fewer […]

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aic 400 years fb

AIC: 400 Years (Video Presentation)

We present you a video prepared by the International Association of Charities (AIC) which, during 2017, celebrates the 400th anniversary of its founding: AIC – International Association of Charities – is a network of 150,000 local volunteers, mainly women, who work in their local communities to combat poverty in 53 countries in Africa, Latin America, […]

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alike fb

Alike [video]

We present a short video, Alike, that is worth seeing. In eight minutes we watch the story of a father and his son, who live similar situations. The issues that arise in this video are many and important: depersonalization, the struggle against the system, freedom, the importance of family relationships … to do what everyone […]

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Effective Writing for the Web

We are taught writing for academic purposes, writing for the web is different. John Freund recently wrote me: Unfortunately, many writers have not grasped the difference between writing for print and for the digtial publication. Make your copy easy to read: Use short paragraphs – four sentences max; Use short sentences – twelve words on […]

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Preparing for the Future: Foundation Day

Crowdsourcing, besides helping in preparing for the future, helps your organization cast a wider net for ideas on how to further its mission. This is what one foundation has learned. They are looking for organizations that have crowdfunding as part of their fundraising scheme. The Daughters of Charity are already involved in using this innovative […]

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Love Wins

Regular contributor Tracy Kemme writes, As I look back on 2016, I feel God surfacing a short but powerful phrase in my heart: “Love wins.” This has been a painful year in our country, unleashing appalling hatred and fear. The struggle has only just begun for many groups of marginalized people. In the midst of […]

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The Vincentian Charism, Vincentian Spirituality and Our Way of Life Part 2 #IamVincent

We hope you enjoyed Part One earlier today. Continue to listen and learn about our Our Way of Life, and about five characteristics of Vincentian spirituality that everyone who wants to say #IamVincent needs to practice. This presentation was given during the Latin American Encounter of the Vincentian Family, Guatemala – March 19th, 2015. Or […]

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