Vincent’s life lessons

Navigating the Realities of the Business World

Many ministries face a challenge navigating the realities of the business world, often described as “the real world.” Vincent knew those challenges well… and was a genius in facing these challenges.

Beyond Unions – Up Close and Personal

This Labor Day I found myself thinking more up close and personal. I am thinking about our co-workers in ministry and those we live with.

The Day St. Vincent Shifted from Retail to Wholesale

Four hundred years later the story St. Vincent’s sermon at Chattilon is still being told. But it is a story with even wider implications. The story of that sermon at Chatillon is the foundation story for what we call today systemic change.

The Pressures of Financing Ministry!

Just about any ministry requires financing to some degree. What can St. Vincent and St. Paul teach us?

Pay attention to your experiences!

Vincent – balancing basics

After 50 years of priesthood I still struggle with the issues of balancing basics. Having been ordained in 1965 I was quickly exposed to a spirit of activism. I remember being very caught up with the concept of “leaving God for God.” After all, Vincent expressed that...

Pay attention to your experiences!

What was it like to learn from Vincent?

You have seen the graphic for this series. What was is like to sit across the table from Vincent and learn from him? Each Tuesday the more pastorally concerned clergy would gather to learn from Vincent. Abelly states that more than 12,000 ordinands made their retreats...

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