Vincent’s life lessons

Navigating the Realities of the Business World

Many ministries face a challenge navigating the realities of the business world, often described as “the real world.” Vincent knew those challenges well… and was a genius in facing these challenges.

Beyond Unions – Up Close and Personal

This Labor Day I found myself thinking more up close and personal. I am thinking about our co-workers in ministry and those we live with.

The Day St. Vincent Shifted from Retail to Wholesale

Four hundred years later the story St. Vincent’s sermon at Chattilon is still being told. But it is a story with even wider implications. The story of that sermon at Chatillon is the foundation story for what we call today systemic change.

The Pressures of Financing Ministry!

Just about any ministry requires financing to some degree. What can St. Vincent and St. Paul teach us?

How Much Can We Learn from Vincent to Make a Difference Today?

Vincent Could Tell a Good Story

J. Patrick Murphy, CM writes of Mr. Vincent that he had a feisty temper, was a good mimic, could tell a good story, and was charming to women. He proposes the following Lesson "Know your gifts, strengths and limits - then leverage them." On March 28, 1659, a year and...

How Much Can We Learn from Vincent to Make a Difference Today?

Doing the Next Right Thing

Vincent did so much by doing the next right thing. J. Patrick Murphy writes in Mr. Vincent... Historians describe the climate during Vincent's lifetime as the little ice age. Half the crops failed; starvation was rampant; the number of poor increased exponentially....

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