Vincentians of Wherever

Vincentians of Wherever: Jean Semler – Change a Life Uganda

Jean and Dave Semler launched a 501(c) 3 non-profit charity Change A Life Uganda (CALU) with a vision of educated, healthy, and empowered Ugandan children as agents of positive social and economic change.

To be a Vincentian is to Have a Purpose in Life

Being Vincentian is much more than a volunteer: it is a vocation. It is a purpose in life.

A Solid Foundation to Build From

Based on the practices ingrained during CVV I have a solid foundation to build from, a comfort level with introspection, vulnerability, and thoughtfulness..

Supporting Your Child In A Year Of Service

My daughter Linnea asked me to write a few thoughts about her time at VMC. What follows is my effort to share my point of view from a father’s perspective.

New Youth Task Force Meets in Philadelphia

New Youth Task Force Meets in Philadelphia

The new Youth Task Force of the Vincentian Family identified four key components of their mission, around which they began to create a shared language: direct service/relationship with those living in poverty; inspired by and appreciative of the love of God; universally inclusive; and charity and justice.

Love and Compassion

Love and Compassion

I recently read a quote that struck me, “Love is choosing to serve someone and be with someone in spite of there [imperfections]. ” My time at Epiphany has been both challenging and rewarding; each day I am reminded of the power and beauty of love and compassion. The...

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