Vincentian Confraternities

Why a Confraternity of Vincentian Lawyers?

Having Frederic Ozanam before us as an example, and Saint Vincent de Paul as our patron, we decided to create the Confraternity of Vincentian Lawyers.

“Facing the Coronavirus” Presentation from the Vincentian Confraternity of Psychologists

This presentation was created by the Vincentian Confraternity of Psychologists to share some advice to help those who help others to feel better, less anxious, and less worried about the pandemic.

The Confraternity of Vincentian Computer Scientists is born

Are you dedicated to computing and want to serve God with your talents?

Lawyer? Vincentian? Vincentian Lawyers!

A National Association of Vincentian Lawyers already exists in Peru. And others are springing up in other Latin American countries. Many hope to form an International Association of Vincentian Lawyers.