The Confraternity of Vincentian Computer Scientists is born

by | Nov 6, 2021 | News | 1 comment

Are you dedicated to computing and want to serve God with your talents?

In the Confraternity of Vincentian Computer Scientists we place our gifts and talents in the hands of Jesus, so that, collaborating among all, they may multiply and become instruments of God’s charity to others.

We can serve in any area in which we work

  • networking
  • programming
  • databases
  • management
  • technical support
  • communication
  • security
  • training

Contact us:

1 Comment

  1. claire sweeney

    Is it necessary to be a member of the Vincentian Family to take part in the Confraternity of Computer Scientists? I thought of inviting a person who is not yet affiliated to the Vincentian Family. Please let me know if it is alright to invite this person?

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