Vincentian Prayer Images: Prayers and Resolutions

What can I do to live in a kingdom where all are truly welcomed as God has welcomed me?

Vincentian Prayer Images: Vincent’s Table – Our Tables

Did this artist capture Vincent’s sprit? What do our tables usually look like?

What Are Elements Of Structural Racism?

What might be “Socially Acceptable” and “Not Socially Acceptable” elements of “structural” racism.

Vincentian Prayer Images: Vincent – Whose Lives Matter

What do our tables say to us about whose lives matter?

Archbishop Cupich, Pope Francis and St.Vincent

Archbishop Cupich, Pope Francis and St.Vincent – When I read this piece about Archbishop Cupich, Pope Francis’s first major U.S. appointment, I thought immediately of St. Vincent de Paul, and indeed just about all the founders of the the various branches of the Vincentian Family. What do you think?

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