Reacting to Different Ways of Thinking

Looking at Jesus through the eyes of a Jewish person or a Gentile.

I Know What the Poor Need and Want!

To be a missionary is to leave one’s proper world and one’s secure place in the world in order to enter the world of the other; it is to leave one’s place in order to enter the place of the poor and to accompany the poor with the gospel.

Vincent’s Values: A Spiritual Perspective (Video)

Vincent’s Values: A Spiritual Perspective – This is an original essay written and read by Rev. Edward Udovic, C.M., Ph.D.

Attitudes and Values of volunteers

The June ongoing formation booklet from the AIC or International Association of Charity  focuses on three virtues that should be characteristic of  every volunteer or member around the world. These booklets are part of the preparation for celebration of the 400th...

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