Lent at the Vatican Museums: Art for meditation and prayer

Every Friday during Lent, the Pope’s Museums are offering an artistic itinerary to meditate on the Passion and Resurrection of Jesus.

Our Father – A Radical Prayer?

The kingdom is waking up to being sons and daughters of God, brothers and sisters to one another. In a polarized world what could be a more radical change in consciousness?

Everybody Has Something to Say to the Bishops

What if when we get to the fire we have not brought enough water. It struck me that it is not just the Bishops who were being challenged to get back to basics.

Praying with St. Vincent (Fr. Thomas McKenna)

“Let me begin this session on Prayer by asking you to place yourself on one of the chairs that is pulled up to the table at The Last Supper of Jesus. You are three seats over from Jesus and you notice that he’s getting still, as if preparing himself to stand up and say something.”

Praying in Thin Places

Praying in Thin Places

In her Spirit of the Daughters of Charity ” blog Sr. Denise LaRock shares some of quotes that impacted her from a recent presentation by Fr. Patrick Griffin, the Director General of the Daughters of Charity. As she puts is “think of him as the spiritual director for the worldwide community.”

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