Vincentian Lay Missionaries – Going Forth in Synodality

At this time we are readying ourselves to take part in the GREAT VINCENTIAN MISSION OF BAJO CAUCA AND LA MOJANA SUCREÑA whose theme will be: “Baptized in the Spirit to participate in building the Reign of God.” 

SSVP Medellin Celebrates 140 years of its Foundation

To celebrate the 140 years of services rendered by the Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SSVP) in the City of Medellin (Colombia), a “National Vincentian Meeting” was held from September 23 to 25.

Interview of Leidy Johanna Artunduaga, leader of the Vincentian Foundation “Louise de Marillac” (Colombia)

The moral and Christian formation of its members and, in light of the Gospel, service on behalf of the poor, especially the elderly is the FUNDAMENTAL BASE of the foundation.

MISEVI Colombia and its Missionary Journey

Beatriz reflects on the effects of living the mission life of MISEVI during the years with covid restrictions.  MISEVI Colombia is committed to local community mission work.

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