Conflict in Ukraine

Ukraine: Walking Alongside Those in Need

Depaul Ukraine’s children’s center in Odesa provides crucial psychological support and shelter to displaced children and adults, helping them cope with trauma and rebuild their lives amidst the ongoing war.

The Mission of the Vincentian Family in Ukraine: Hope and Resilience in a Time of War

In Ukraine, we are living through the third year of war. During the first year, people experienced a desire to help, and the confidence that the conflict would soon end. However, as time has passed, the situation has changed: now a terrifying insecurity creeps into our daily lives, constantly accompanying us.

Ukraine Two Years on: There is so Much More we Could do for those Experiencing Homelessness

The war in Ukraine and other conflicts around the world is one of the most pressing global drivers of homelessness.

The birth of Jesus continues to change the world!

Christmas – what do Ukrainians today associate with this holiday? When does the preparation begin and how long does it last?