What can we do, Given the Horrific Conflict in Ukraine?

by | Mar 8, 2022 | Conflict in Ukraine, News

The invasion of Ukraine has horrified and continues to horrify the whole world which has raised its voice against the unjustifiable actions of the Russian government. This is not a war of the Russian people against the Ukrainian people but rather this is the result of the delusions of a ruler and his acolytes who, in the words of the Russian writer, Liudmila Ulitskaya, has gone mad … all of this is the action of a man who has lost his mind.

On March 2nd, in an historic vote during an extraordinary emergency session of the UN General Assembly, the vast majority of the nations condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine: only five countries (Russia, Belorussia, North Korea, Syria and Eretria … none of them an example of democracy) voted against the measure. Not even Cuba, Nicaragua, China, India, South Africa or Iran allied themselves with Moscow, rather they abstained. The isolation of the Russian leader is very clear in this and many other statements that have been published throughout the world.

Pope Francis has also raised his voice, has pleaded for a cessation of hostilities, has called for diplomatic negotiations and has requested the people of God to pray for an end to this senseless war:

From the beginning, the Vincentian Family has manifested its profound rejection of the invasion. On February 24th, the day when the invasion was launched, our leaders published a statement express our solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

Letter to the Vincentian Family in Ukraine and Eastern Europe

All indications are that the consequences of this horrible invasion will be prolonged over time. Today, as always, the Vincentian Family asks: what can be done? … Various initiatives have been suggested to help the people of Ukraine.

The International Association of Charity has established a special channel for assistance::

Plea for help for International Association of Charity (AIC) in the Ukraine

The Daughters of Charity also request financial support to alleviate the needs of the people:

Join us in Prayer and Support of Ukraine and her People

They are not the only branches that have moved forward in this matter. Like Saint Vincent, tireless in alleviating the suffering of those afflicted by war, so also the Vincentian Family asks: what can we do? Some thoughts about that matter:

  • Let us ask God and Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal to bring an end to this unjust conflict. Let us pray that hearts of stone become hearts of flesh.
  • Let us support and participate in protests against the war.
  • Let us keep informed about the situation, using trustworthy means. All information referring to the conflict published on the FamVin website can be consulted here.
  • Keep informed about the activities that the the Vincentian Family is engaged in… or plans to undertake on behalf of the people of Ukraine. You can send information by filling out this form.
  • Publish on the social networks and the websites of the branches of the Vincentian Family the initiatives that are being taken.
  • Is there something more that we should be doing?

Communication Team of the International Vincentian Family.

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