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Meet with the Risen Jesus Christ

Jesus is not among the dead; he has risen. It is our turn to find out how and where to meet him. Finding the tomb open, Mary Magdalen imagines the worst. So, he runs to where to meet Peter and the other disciple. Why does she think the worst? Probably because of what...

Mother Seton, the Pandemic, and the Charism of Charity

The COVID-19 virus has created a culture of isolation in need of accompaniment.

Vincentian Prayer Images: With Those Who Grieve

How many can today identify with these words and need the support of our prayers?

Renato Lima: “Let us have faith: God will protect and strengthen all Vincentians during the battle against the coronavirus”

Let us have faith! If we have faith in God and full trust in Our Lord Jesus Christ, we can overcome any adversity.

Meaning and Quality of Human Life

Meaning and Quality of Human Life

Jesus is the salt of the earth and the light of the world. He gives meaning to our lives. And he wants his followers to be and do the same. Seeing the crowds, Jesus pities them because they are troubled and left behind, like sheep without a shepherd (Mt 9, 36). There...

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