New Wineskins

In this Vincentian Mindwalk, I share thoughts about the wineskins or frameworks of our thinking about God.

A Vincentian View: Inspiration

We pray for the inspiration of the Holy Spirit as we pray and live the Gospel. 

What Wise People are in your Life?

A truly wise person helps you to see, and helps you step back to get perspective.

Contemplation: To Discern, Not to Decide

This post originally appeared on In the Society of St Vincent de Paul, “all decisions are made by consensus after the necessary prayer, reflection and consultation.” [Rule, Part I, 3.10] In other words, we don’t simply vote the minority “off the island,”...
Bear Much Fruit Means Die with Christ

Bear Much Fruit Means Die with Christ

Jesus loves others to the end, to being lifted up on the cross. His death proves true that the grain of wheat that dies cannot but bear much fruit. Those who die with him bear much fruit also.  Most of us, if not all, want to bear much fruit, to succeed as best as we...