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MISEVI and all its incarnations


In the Footsteps of Saint Justin

Young men and women have been walking in the footsteps of Saint Justin de Jacobis, together with native Vincentian priests, brothers and Daughters of Charity in Ethiopia. They are the Vincentian Lay Missionaries of the United States and Ireland. In Bahir Dar, VLM work at the Blessed Ghebre Michael Catholic School. The school is located […]

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Rehabilitation with Love

“In this life, we cannot always do great things, but we can do small things with great love.” – Mother Theresa VLM’s moto is to “do one thing, do something.” Ethiopia has previously been stereotyped as a country that has had many problems. Although there may be some truth to this statement, it is important […]

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MISEVI: Mission in Service the Vincentian Way

MISEVI = MIsioneros SEglares VIcencianos. It means “Vincentian Lay Missionaries in Spanish. But in the USA, MISEVI is more than just the Vincentian Lay Missionaries-USA. It’s a host of young adult Vincentian Volunteers groups and experiences. So, MISEVI USA has adapted its meaning. MISEVI = MIssion and SErvice the VIncentian Way, a Vincentian Volunteer Network […]

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VLM ethiopia drought

Vincentian Lay Missionaries – severe drought in Ethiopia

Vincentian Lay Missionaries – severe drought in Ethiopia Our Vincentian Lay Missioners have been quite active in Ethiopia and drew attention to the suffering there in their Facebook page. Ethiopia is facing its worst drought in decades, with more than eight million people already in need of food assistance as a result of weather conditions that […]

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World Mission Sunday: A Letter from MiSeVi

Here’s a World Mission Sunday Letter from César Alonso Saldaña Moreno, International President of MiSeVi. “Together with Christ, we Vincentians make a difference.” Dear brothers in Christ and St Vincent: today, during this special time in which many people support our missions with prayers, we want to join together so all those who do not […]

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Connect and Learn: MISEVI

Mi.Se.Vi., Misioneros Seglares Vicencianos, is the youngest member of the Vincentian Family. Their history began in the summer of 1984 when young people from the VMY (Vincentian Marian Youth) were sent by Spain to Honduras. Some of these young people offered to give more time to the mission and, in 1987, the first VMY Permanent […]

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Superior General’s message to MISEVI Assembly

 Francisco Berbegal reports on the Message of the Superior General to the National Assembly of MISEVI (Spain). Father Gay Father Gregory focused in his message to MISEVI on two themes: the shared mission and the internationalization of the mission… This past weekend, June 13-14, 2015, MISEVI in Spain held their National Assembly at the Vincent de […]

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VLM at 10

Vincentian Lay Missionaries celebrate 10 years

Vincentian Lay Missionaries celebrate 10 years – On June 27-28 VLM alumni and their families gathered in Chicago, IL to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Vincentian Lay Missionaries. There were people present who represented all the VLM sites and years. We spent our time together reconnecting, sharing our experiences with VLM and the experiences […]

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globe plus children

How many are in the Vincentian Family?

What is your guess about how many are in the Vincentian Family? 10,000, 100,000? 1 million? 2 million?

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