Welcoming the Stranger

Daughter of Charity Calls Attention To Situation of Immigrants in PBS Documentary

Sister Denise LaRock, D.C. and her San Antonio-based Interfaith Welcome Coalition are featured in the PBS documentary series “Women War & Peace II”. See the video.

Welcoming the Stranger – An Examination of Conscience

One of the ways of measuring scripture’s impact on us is an examination of our lives against key scriptural verses. Here is a list of important verse from the Bible about welcoming the stranger and some questions to think about.

Systemic change – encountering homeless people

A Denver-based Catholic outreach program hopes to positively impact homeless people – not just with food or shelter, but with FRIENDSHIP! A systemic change that changes us and would change society.

Radical Vincentian Hospitality

My friend Kerry Alys Robinson writes in an America Magazine article entitled "Why Catholics are called to radical hospitality in these political times," Today, in the midst of acrimonious national disagreement, in the face of heightened anxiety especially for...
What are Catholics Doing to Welcome the Stranger?

What are Catholics Doing to Welcome the Stranger?

The theme of the 400th Anniversary year of our Vincentian Family, Welcoming the Stranger, is becoming a more urgent focus of our Catholic Faith, especially in the United States where immigration reform is occurring. So, what are other Catholics doing? In his National...

What are Catholics Doing to Welcome the Stranger?

Welcoming the Stranger: Common Ground

Welcoming the stranger is not only a theme of this 400th anniversary of the Vincentian Family. It is a core value of virtually all faiths. The call to “welcome the stranger,” through protection and hospitality, and to honor the stranger or those of other faiths with...

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