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Jean-Marie Odin, C.M.: Vincentian Missionary on the American Frontier

Jean-Marie Odin, CM leaves a great legacy in the history of the Congregation of the Mission. He became one of America’s most renowned Catholic frontier missionaries.

More from a Daughter of Charity at the border

“They live in local houses of compassionate foster folks and come to the “foster house” for school and play. We visit them at the foster house. All were adorably obedient and loudly responded in unison to the teacher’s questions. It reminded me of my old Catholic School days in Sr Sheila’s math class.”

Local SVdP Councils Need Help at U.S. Border

Local St. Vincent dePaul Councils Need Help at U.S. Border. You Can Help!

Austin, Texas celebrates the Daughters of Charity

Daughters’ 112 Years of Service in Austin Coming to a Close After 112 years in Austin, Texas, the Daughters of Charity are shifting their ministry elsewhere to spread their service to the poor in places of the greatest need. Bidding a bittersweet farewell, Daughters...

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