TV Documentary – Daughters of Charity in Mozambique

The popular Spanish language television station rtve,es has aired an in-depth documentary of the work of the Daughters of Charity in Mozambique. Mozambique is one of the worlds poorest countries. This high quality production, part of the  "People of God" series,...

“Sell your desk!” – Francis, the Vincentian

Pope Francis told the Archbishop in charge of the Vatican’s charity, “Don’t wait for people to come ringing. You need to go out and look for the poor.'”

Charity Federation at the UN

From the NGO News of the Sisters of Charity Federation.... "The Commission on the Status of Women meeting took place in March, with Rosita and Jyoti, our interns from Nepal and India respectively, attending more than 30 side events. After the meeting, they left to...

‘Serve, accompany, and defend the poor’

Catholic social ministers told: "Serve, accompany, and defend the poor." A message quite in line with the Pope's Lenten message and one which echoes in the hearts of the followers of Vincent and Louise. To “serve, accompany, and defend” the poor is the mission of...

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