Sr. Liz Sjoberg

Holy Hangout with the discerners who saw the Pope

Sr. Liz hangs out with discerners from 4 states who made the pilgrimage to Philadelphia to see the Pope. Each tries to sum up Pope Francis in one word And catch the new "sister hoodies" that each was wearing.

Holy Hangout – Human Trafficking

Holy Hangout – Human Trafficking

How do sisters handle relationships

How do sisters handle relationships? That’s the topic for this Holy Hangout. In a no holds barred conversation the sisters take on all kinds of relationships at all stages from discerning whether to become a sister to how to relate to men in a healthy manner consistent with a commitment to consecrated life.

Holy Hangout with the Vincentian Family!

Vincentian Collaboration via YouTube (Holy) Hangouts will address the importance of working together to serve the poor marking the beginning of a new series with October’s Vincentian Family Hangout,