Sisters of Charity Federation covering UN Climate Change Conference

  Sister Teresa Kotturan, NGO Representative to the United Nations for the Sisters of Charity Federation reports regarding UN Climate Change Conference Climate Change is a global problem, and Pope Francis has called “for a new dialogue about how we are shaping...

What do Sisters do for fun?

Ever wonder what Sisters do for fun? Ask us! We'll answer your questions about vocations and free time as a Daughter of Charity LIVE on YouTube Aug. 24. Use #HolyHangoutDC on Twitter or post here to our Timeline. Join the event: PS Their...

Daughters of Charity and Presidents

The Provincial Archives site of the Daughters of Charity has a series of post showcaing material from their intereactions with Presidents. DCs and Presidents – William McKinley at Camp Wikoff, Long Island, 1898 (Photograph reproduced with permission of Daughters of...

“Nuns Build” for Sandy victims

Catholic Sisters from across the country, along with their friends and families are coming to Rockaway, NY for Nun’s Build to rebuild the homes and lives of Sandy survivors.  "NUNS BUILD" October 13-18, 2014.  On-site skilled site supervisors will teach volunteers how...

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