Saturday Study Hall

Saturday Study Hall?

For nearly six months FamvVin has been offering a feature called “Saturday Study Hall” introducing and highlighting material found in the Vincentian Encyclopedia. We ask 30 seconds of your time…

The Challenge of Evangelizing Young Men and Women

Bishop  José Ignacio Munilla Aguirre knows first-hand the challenge of evangelizing young men and women. He was not always a Bishop. He was once a 16 year who learned to confront his fear of relating to people he did not know and were different from him. As a member...

Judging those who are poor

Judging those who are poor! Websites abound with discussions that imply judgments about those who are poor. What is Vincent’s perspective on judging those who are poor.

“The dream” and the Ladies of Charity

Catherine Harkins, the first Lady of Charity in the USA, had a vivid dream of St. Vincent walking through snow-covered streets and gathering neglected children under his cloak.

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