Eradicating Poverty and Improvement of Food Security Among the Female Headed Households in Nyatike, Kenya

The Society of St. Vincent De Paul of Uganda Martyrs Macalder Catholic Parish conference has launched a campaign to fight poverty in Nyatike Sub County in Migori County Kenya. T

Boot Straps and Poverty

Thinking about all 17 Sustainable Development Goals, the UN’s ambitious 2030 Agenda for People, the Planet and Prosperity, is exhausting. 

What Do “We” Share With Homeless People?

Mental illness is a major problem for the entire US population – not just the homeless population. The difference is the problems are aggravaated by homelessness.

Vincentian Prayer Images: St. Vincent of the Alleys

Where and how do we today walk the back alleys of our world?

Writing and speaking about poverty

Writing and speaking about poverty

Two posts concerning writing and speaking about poverty caught my eye. So much depends upon where you stand. The first piece by well-known author Barbara Ehrenreich laments the fact that only the moderately well-to-do can afford to write about poverty. The second...

My humanity is bound up in yours

“My humanity is bound up in yours.” So writes Meghan Clark in an article that addresses the stark contrast between Catholicism and libertarianism and speaks to the underpinnings of so much of the Vincentian Family’s concern for those who are marginalized.