I Know What the Poor Need and Want!

To be a missionary is to leave one’s proper world and one’s secure place in the world in order to enter the world of the other; it is to leave one’s place in order to enter the place of the poor and to accompany the poor with the gospel.

“Bring Good News To the Poor” – Jesus’ Mission Statement

Jesus Mission statement is short. “Bring Good News to the poor.” Six words! They were the most powerful words in his life. What did these words mean to Saints Vincent and Louise? Us?

Rich – “poor have it easy”

Rich – “poor have it easy” But do they?

Evangelized By the Poor: The Salvific Power of Those Living in Poverty

Evangelized By the Poor: The Salvific Power of Those Living in Poverty

In a new voice…”Who are the poor?”

In a new voice…”Who are the poor?”

A stay-at-home-Mom offers her expanded answer to "who are the poor?" The poor are our teachers! Jeannie Ewing , writes personally and powerfully ...."My understanding of “poverty” has evolved over the past year or so. Like most people, when I heard the word “poor,” my...

Who said this? Pope Francis? Vincent?

The poor are "privileged teachers of our knowledge of God; their fragility and simplicity unmask our egoism, our false sense of security, our purported self-sufficiency, and lead us to experience the nearness and tenderness of God." Pope Francis.      ...

How Jorge chose Francis

Reuters reports in an article "Pope Francis wants Church to be poor, and for the poor"... "(The Pope) recalled how on Wednesday night, as he was receiving more and more votes in the conclave, the cardinal sitting next to him, Claudio Hummes of Brazil, comforted him...

Wise Stewardship for people in poverty

Managing the Patrimony of the Poor as Wise Stewards – August 9-11 Paris A workshop for members of the Vincentian family examining principles and practices of Vincentian asset management. The workshop, sponsored by the Vincentian Studies Institute of DePaul University,...

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