Pinterest and the Charism of the Vincentian Family

As we approach the Year of Vincentian Family Collaboration Pinterest offers a visual tour of the many manifestations of the charism of charity rooted in Vincent, Louise, Frederic, Elizabeth etc.

Vincent and the power of graphics

…there is a growing collection on Pinterest of Vincentian quotes with illustrations drawn mainly from the DePaul Vincentian Image Archive.

Church and Social Media – Pinterest Board

Favorite images of Church Social Media from Faithful Followers of the #ChSocM Chat! More about Church Social Media Chats #chsocm Social media is all the rage in the church world. Everyone is tweeting, updating their Facebook pages, statuses and groups—but is there a...

Formation Friday – Do you know?

Where would you find articles dedicated to Pinterest and our charism Vincentians using technology Essential Readings in Vincentian Spirituality Vincentian heros Understanding Our Origins Vincentian Social Media Vincentian Virtues and Charism These are just some of the...