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by | May 10, 2014 | Technology: Issues and Uses

Social media - PinterestFavorite images of Church Social Media from Faithful Followers of the #ChSocM Chat!

More about Church Social Media Chats #chsocm

Social media is all the rage in the church world. Everyone is tweeting, updating their Facebook pages, statuses and groups—but is there a point or a strategy to any of it? Over the past year, a group of tweeters have come together who see the church’s great need for a strategic approach to social media.

Meredith Gould started the #chsocm chat (church social media, pronounced “ch-sock-em”) just over a year ago after talking with people who noticed the same thing: the church isn’t using social media—especially not strategically. So the @chsocm account was born and they’ve been having weekly Twitter chats ever since. Meredith is a delightfully feisty woman who, along with a select few, moderates the chats via Twitter every Tuesday evening at 9 p.m. ET to discuss three topics every week. Each chat begins and ends with a prayer asking God to unite them as a community, giving thanks for every opportunity to reveal his presence and asking for guidance in their discussion.

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