Latin America

Sixth Meeting of the Confraternity of Christian Educators in Latin America

Update on the Confraternity of Vincentian Educators in Latin America meeting, which was held (via zoom)

“Only the Vincentian Family came to help us”

Latin America is now the epicenter of COVID-19. The Vincentian Family has stepped up to the challenge and continues to work with the poor.

Message of the Vincentian Family in Latin America with regard to the Coronavirus

A few day ago, the Council of the Vincentian Family in Latin America issued a statement with regard to the world crisis that has resulted from the coronavirus.

AIC 2018 Latin American Seminar

From March 19-22, 2018, 64 members of the Vincentian Family met in Cochabamba (Bolivia), at the AIC Training Seminar for Latin America, under the motto "To accompany... How and what for?" "We are very grateful to both the Daughters of Charity and the Priests of the...