Fasting … vows with open hands

On this happy day of Sr. Ellen Reilly’s vows, I hold out to you what might seem to be a strange topic: fasting. It’s got somber associations with negative things like restraint and refraining and penance. How does all that fit into an upbeat event like this? For one...

Bishops offer Lenten resources on website

The USCCB offers Online Resources For Lent  - Audio retreats, video reflections, downloadable calendar are among the offerings that people might find useful  with Lent starting Ash Wednesday, March 5. With the theme “Give Up, Take Up, Lift Up,” resources include a new...

Mindful eating as fasting

Mindful Eating. Good for body and soul! It seems related to the idea of fasting. And a nice practice considering all the hunger in the world. Maybe there could be a Vincentian version of this. Pick your mindful eating homework (1) Try taking the first four sips of a...

Vincentian almsgiving, prayer and fasting

VinFormation offers a selection of quotes from our founders on prayer, fasting and almsgiving Click on graphic. (Also click here to download or view it in a different format.) Almsgiving via Vincentian branches in the USA Here are some quick links to donate online to...

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