Articles for Emmaus

What Did Pope Francis Just Say?

“Hot button issues” vs. “Expanding horizons beyond conflicts”

Emmaus – Beginning a Systemic Change Process

As we read the Acts of the Apostles in this Easter season we see how it took time for the good news of the resurrection to sink in. Each Easter season I am amazed at what I learn about myself and ministry in their struggles.

Everyone Knows How to Listen! … Really?

The task of listeners is not to impose their ideas on the young. It is to help the young see the presence of the Spirit in their hearts and lives.

The Synod as an Emmaus Journey!

My hope is that all the participants of the Youth Synod will experience their own version of the Emmaus journey – looking at things they thought they knew… but seeing them in a new light. Now that would be the beginning of a profound systemic change!

The Stations of the Resurrection

The Stations of the Resurrection emphasize the hopeful aspect of the Christian story and (just as the Stations of the Cross help deepen our Lenten experience) can serve to deepen our appreciation of this Easter season. Susan Stabile writes, "Here are the fourteen. My...

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