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jmvOpening reflection from the latest newsletter of the Vincentian Marian Youth Bulletin April 2014 ENG PDF…

The Disciples were travelling to Emmaus, a village near Jerusalem.

They were travelling together and were talking about the events that had occurred in Jerusalem. Someone approached them, asked a question and the Disciples attempted to respond.

It could have been a pretext to simply establish a dialogue with persons who were known. Doesn’t it happen to us … that at times Jesus speaks to us and we do not recognize him!

May Jesus’ passion and death and resurrection free us from the many chains that enslave us!

Those who have a pure heart believe that they can be freed from their chains and it is for this reason that they will see God. Have we not had the experience of being at prayer, being engaged in a profound dialogue with the Risen Lord, and our hearts began “to burn” and we forgot about everything that was around us and outside of us because we were focused on the Lord?

We recognize Jesus in the Eucharist and in prayer … but as the sons and daughters of Saint Vincent and Saint Louise we also recognize the Lord in each brother and sister who approaches us because they need concrete services and we are able to assist them.

Do we invite these individuals to stay with us? Does our heart burn when we are engaged in service? The Disciples returned to Jerusalem and were filled with joy. After we have engaged in some form of service are we filled with joy and grateful for the opportunity to encounter our sisters and brothers who are in need, grateful for the opportunity to engage in dialogue with them, grateful for the opportunity to evangelize them?

If this has been our experience then congratulations! JESUS IS RISEN and we have risen with him. Let us rejoice in this great event that unites us as Christians. Sor Bernardita García Ortín DELEGATE INTERNATIONAL VMY

There is much more including an explanation of the logo for their upcoming assembly.

JMV Assembly logoWe wish to share with you the logo of our Meeting and the significance of the logo:
Jesus, Mary and Vincent, through the Vincentian Marian YouthAssociation, Illuminate our journey. The road is where we encounter the young men and women and the place where we are to accompany them.
The one who accompanies the young person does this by being close to them. The young people being accompanied are at different stages
of the journey.
As they travel along the road they engage in a conversation in which the one being accompanied speaks in his/her “language” and the advisor listens.
The advisor assigns tasks, corrects and counsels.
The persons being accompanied ask questions and question themselves
The advisor responds to these questions from his/her experience of God, from his/her nearness to God.


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