A Canadian View: Summer Reflections

As we approach the end of summer here in Canada, for myself and many others, we have had a summer of relaxation and an opportunity to enjoy time with family and exploring new and exciting parts of our vast nation.

A Canadian View: A Spiritual Evolution

When us older (and hopefully wiser) Vincentians look back on what this world has achieved in our lifetimes it is truly amazing.

A Canadian View: A Spring Renewal

Another spring is upon us with all of its hopes for renewal, whether in our faiths, nature, sports, politics, or family.

A Canadian View: Charity and Justice

The on-going struggle to introduce and promote social justice within the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul in Canada is one that continues to challenge us in many ways.

Reach Beyond

Mercy, the Key to God’s Heart

Feel God’s Touch – Mercy, the Key to God’s Heart -- Silence is Golden Feel God’s Touch – God’s hand is always on us.  Sometimes we don’t see or feel His presence, sometimes we do not see the light at the end of the tunnel or we have tunnel vision.  But never despair. ...

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Celebrate the Kingdom

I Am a Sinner – Celebrate the Kingdom – God’s Plan for Us... Such are the topics for Lynn L'Heureux's weekly reflection Dear Vincentian Brothers and Sisters. Pray always for Peace and remember to also pray for your enemy. God will heal their hearts and change their...

Reach Beyond

Putting faith in action

 Dear Vincentian Brothers and Sisters:  Let us pray for the entire Vincentian Family around the world and pray for our priests, deacons, bishops, archbishops and Pope Francis.  We are truly blessed to have clergy and religious on our paths to holiness.  There are so...

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