Vincentians Are About Belonging… And Tension

Heeding the call to conversion that translates into being servants of hospitality and communion and belonging brings with it tension. But this tension is part and parcel of the Gospel challenge to wake up to belonging. Let’s be the bridge to belonging.

Imagery of Pope Francis – Lessons for Systemic Change

How the Pope’s Imagery on critical care can overlook long-term rehab got me thinking about implications of how some in the Vincentian Family view direct service and systemic change.

Mary, Mother of the Church

On the eve of the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we offer the following thoughts on Mary from a Vincentian perspective. Fr. Thomas McKenna, CM, once spoke of St. Vincent’s key insights about the Blessed Mother: [One of the...

The Vincentian Family and extremes

In a world of extremes, the Vincentian Family embraces a wide spectrum of approaches to addressing spiritual and material poverty. [Click here to view the complete listing of the hundreds of Catholic Religious, Lay Associations, and Non-Catholic groups founded in the...

New resource tool for letters of Elizabeth Seton

Sr. Regina Becthle, SC writes about the resource tool for letters of Elizabeth Seton...This is to let you (and FAMVIN readers) know that the first installment of charts listing documents written to and about Elizabeth Seton, the Seton and Bayley families, and related...

Why is it that other people “resist”?

Why is it that other people "resist"? There has been a lot of talk about resistance to changes in the church and in society. But as I read the blogs and the tweets I am struck by the fact that many seem to assume that it is "the other" who is resisting. Whether it is...

“I AM A MOTHER” Elizabeth Seton

“I AM A MOTHER” Elizabeth Seton

“I AM A MOTHER”: SAINT ELIZABETH ANN SETON ON MOTHERHOOD The letters of Saint Elizabeth Seton (1774-1821) to and about her family reflect exactly the kind of concerns a mother today would have about her children's lives, choices, job prospects, etc. She wrote and...