Mary, Mother of the Church

by | Aug 14, 2016 | Formation

On the eve of the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we offer the following thoughts on Mary from a Vincentian perspective.

st-vincent-and-blessed-motherFr. Thomas McKenna, CM, once spoke of St. Vincent’s key insights about the Blessed Mother:

[One of the events in Mary’s life that Vincent referred to often] was the Visitation, the time when Mary travels to be with her Cousin, Elizabeth, to help her in her old-age pregnancy. The detail that Vincent picks up on is how Mary went to Elizabeth, how she left her own house in haste. She is not just open to God, not just ready to serve – but she actually serves, actually gets on the road, really jumps at the chance to act. Vincent sees this quality as an integral part of coming before God – not only being ready and willing to serve God’s cause, but actually serving.

Sr. Regina Bechtle, SC, writes of Mary’s role as Mother of the Church:

In Vincentian language, we might pray, “Mary, mother of the Church, show us how to expand the circle of solidarity. Help us to welcome the challenges of a world church, and to find the abundance in what seems like scarcity. Inspire us-– like the familiar image of Vincent at Table-– to find room for all.”

Read the rest of Sr. Regina’s reflection on Mary, Mother of the Church in the SlideShare presentation, below.

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