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Watching from the balcony isn’t enough! Pope Francis

Pope Francis recently invited us to  … “act personally instead of just looking and criticizing the work of others from the balcony,”

Pope Francis wants the Catholic Church to tackle ‘fake news’

For the next World Day of Social Communications, Pope Francis wants the Catholic Church to make a contribution to the mounting issue of "fake news," in part by seeking to promote "professional journalism which always seeks the truth, and therefore a journalism of...

A Letter from Pope Francis to the Whole Vincentian Family, at the Feast of St. Vincent de Paul!

Pope Francis offers us a few words on the main feast of the whole Vincentian Family! On the occasion of the commemoration of Saint Vincent de Paul, Pope Francis has written a beautiful reflection to all of us who live the Vincentian charism, which we reproduce below:...

The Pope Video: Parishes

How are Vincentian Parishes doing?
A Mischievous Pope

A Mischievous Pope

Last Wednesday, July 13, Pope Francis did one of those amazing acts that we are getting used to. The media said that, after attending a routine visit to the dentist, he asked the driver of his Ford Focus, instead of returning directly to his offices, to deviate a...

People, faces, names, stories

People, faces, names, stories

This weekend, Pope Francis visited the refugee camp in Lesbos (Greece). With him were the leaders of the Orthodox Church, Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople, and Jerome II, Archbishop of Athens. The news has not gone unnoticed in the European media, even if many...

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