“The Letter”: a Message for our Earth

The Letter is a powerful documentary released on October 4th 2022 exploring more about the principles of Laudato Si’ and the escalating impact of climate change on communities around the world.

Smiling With Vincentians and Popes

Taking a break from the news of the day let’s smile with Vincentians and Popes!

Pope Francis Publishes Apostolic Exhortation: “Beloved Amazon”

Pope Francis published the Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation, “Beloved Amazon” … this document is the fruit of the Synod on the Amazon.

Eight Things – Pope Francis, the Poor, Laudato Si

Have I ever thought about the impact of climate change on those who will bear the first effects and brunt of changes?

Widow of slum priest praises Pope

Francis "will be a great Pope": Clelia Luro de Podesta weighs in on the new pontiff Maybe to the new generation of Christian militants accompanying the slum priests, Monseñor Jerónimo Podestá's name doesn't mean much. But those who have been kicking around...

A different kind of inaugural mass?

A different kind of inaugural mass?

If the plans for his inaugural Mass -- expected to attract 1 million people to St. Peter's Square on Tuesday -- are any indication, it seems Pope Francis is setting three key themes for the event: simplicity, ecumenism and mercy, Joshua J. McElwee writes in the NCR....

Stages in the life of a Pope

Catholic News Service offers a  timeline of Pope Francis' life Dec. 17, 1936: Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Italian immigrant parents. -- 1957: At age 21, falls gravely ill; eventually severe pneumonia is diagnosed, right lung partially removed. -- March 11,...

Pope Francis in eyes of his parishioners

The London Guardian reports...His parishioners from the barrio of Buenos Aires where he was born and cut his political teeth say Pope Francis is likely to usher in the most radical change in the Catholic church in more than 50 years from the barrio of Buenos Aires...

FAMVIN posts on Pope Francis

FAMVIN posts on Pope Francis

It has been a momentous week following the elections and installation of Pope Francis. The following posts were among the most visited on famvin.org Pope Francis and St. Vincent Cardinal Bergoglio’s Lenten Letter, 2013 Pope’s prayer for Cardinal electors A Vincentian...

Honoring Pope’s request to celebrate

Catholic blogger Lisa M. HendeyF offer 5 Easy Ways to Love the Poor in Honor of His Pontificate She writes... "As someone who’d strongly considered cashing in her frequent flyer miles to be at the Vatican for his installation, his words have challenged me personally....

Vatican Insider – April biography of Francis

Vatican Insider – April biography of Francis

Drawing from the words, ideas, and the personal recollection of Pope Francis – including inside material made available right up to the final hours before his election – the most highly regarded Vatican observer, Andrea Tornielli, reveals who the new Pope will be for...

How Jorge chose Francis

Reuters reports in an article "Pope Francis wants Church to be poor, and for the poor"... "(The Pope) recalled how on Wednesday night, as he was receiving more and more votes in the conclave, the cardinal sitting next to him, Claudio Hummes of Brazil, comforted him...

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