Responsible for Proclaiming the Word of God • A Weekly Reflection with Ozanam

Dear friend, we have not faith enough; we are always looking for the re-establishment of religion by political means; we dream of a Constantine who, with one blow and one effort, would bring back the nations to the fold. The fact is we don't really know the history of...

The Pope Video • For the formation of men and women religious, and seminarians

“The Pope Video” series continues! Watch the latest 2-minute installment: For the formation of men and women religious, and seminarians.

Webinar on Louise de Marillac (Video)

A webinar dedicated to Louise de Marillac took place on Friday, May 10, accommodating participants from across the Congregation.

Stop – Look – Listen… Rules For Our Roads

Crossing the roads of your life do you “Stop – Look – Listen”?

Holding On To Joy Amidst Criticism

Holding On To Joy Amidst Criticism

Holding On To Joy Amidst Criticism - Sr. Ellen LaCapria, DC continues her weekly visual prayer reflection. As we enter this holy time of eucharistic revelation, crucifixion and the joy of resurrection our heads are rightly spinning. In the span of three days we are...

Being well connected

Easter Sunday (A), April 20, 2014 – Acts 10, 34a. 37-43; Col 3, 1-4; Jn 20, 1-9 Think of what is above (Col 3, 2) The least of us has risen from the dead and is seated at the right hand of God.  Now we await his glorious coming and welcoming words, “Come, you who are...

Saturday Study Hall – “Wake up the World”

Saturday Study Hall – “Wake up the World”

he challenge from Pope Francis is clear.  "WAKE UP THE WORLD" “The church must be attractive. Wake up the world! Be witnesses of a different way of doing things, acting, living! (Show) it’s possible to live differently in this world.” "A charism needs to be “lived...

With blood on our hands?

With blood on our hands?

The somber realization that the crucifixion of innocent humans happens on a daily basis is sobering.  We are approaching a week that encompasses our salvation history, including the hope of the eucharistic banquet, the healing of the crucifixion (by his wounds we are...

Dying for life

Palm Sunday of Lent (A), April 13, 2014 – Mt 21, 1-11; Is 50, 4-7; Phil 2, 6-11; Mt 26, 14—27, 66 He took the form of a slave (Phil 2, 7) Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of the living God.  But he is not here to be served but to serve and to give his life as a ransom...

Life-giving death

Fifth Sunday of Lent (A), April 6, 2014 – Ez 37, 12-14; Rom 8, 8-11; Jn 11, 1-45 The one who raised Jesus from the dead will give life to your mortal bodies (Rom 8, 11) Jesus guarantees life to believers.  His love to the end vivifies.  Loving as he does, we live...