Tracy Kemme SC reflects on “Thin places”

by | Jan 2, 2015 | Formation, Sisters of Charity

Tracy Kemme, SC

Tracy Kemme, SC

Tracy Kemme SC reflects on “Thin places” – The Celtic saints spoke of “thin places.” They are, Cormier writes, “locations in time and space where the things of heaven seem to touch the things of earth. To be in a ‘thin place’ is to be in the real, present world of God. Christmas is the ultimate thin place: God touches human history in the birth of a child. . . . [T]he boundary between heaven and earth is at least blurred, if not breached, forever.”

This idea of Christmas being a moment in which the divine catapulted into our human reality forever is mind-blowing and life-altering. It means that Jesus came, and will come, and is coming. Today. Right now.

It’s not often enough that I let myself be engulfed in the boundary-blasting mystery of the Incarnation. The celebration of Christmas reminds us, but this miracle cannot be contained in one calendar day or in an isolated historical event. God never ceases to take flesh and dwell among us. The divine infusion is ongoing and wonderfully inescapable. As the psalmist ponders, “Where can I flee from your presence?”

I was overcome with prayer, the best kind: the kind that catches you off guard and reminds you that it is God who does the praying in us, anyway. What a joy to behold that the entirety of life is a “thin place!”

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[S. Tracy Kemme is a novice with the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati. Author of the blog, Diary of a Sister-in-Training, Tracy is excited about the future of religious life! She has a background in Hispanic ministry, having served both in Ecuador and at the U.S.-Mexico border prior to novitiate.]


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