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Preparing for the Future: Foundation Day

Crowdsourcing, besides helping in preparing for the future, helps your organization cast a wider net for ideas on how to further its mission. This is what one foundation has learned. They are looking for organizations that have crowdfunding as part of their fundraising scheme. The Daughters of Charity are already involved in using this innovative […]

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Net Neutrality and .famvin

Net neutrality affects poor people in a disproportionate and serious manner. As the debate continues, it’s good to ponder these aspects of net neutrality and its impact. First, in the United States: By striking down the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)’s Open Internet Order this week, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals just gave commercial companies […]

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Facebook Live

Those of you who followed the General Assembly of the Congregation of the Mission on Facebook probably noticed .famvin’s Toma Zielinski making use of Facebook Live. Here are a two notes to help you find out about how this Facebook feature can help you in your Vincentian Family efforts. Live Groups and Events “Going live” […]

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How will we communicate to those not online?

While it may seem like half the world is chasing Pokemon right now, the other half is not even on the Internet. About 3.9 billion people, or 53 percent of the population, will still be offline at the end of this year, the International Telecommunication Union estimates. Even in Europe, the most connected region, 20.9 […]

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Now on Social: Gotta Get Organized

Being organized for an event is now an intensely “social media” process. In the run-up to World Youth Day with Pope Francis in Krakow, young Catholics from across England and Wales signed up for a Social Media Masterclass on Mercy. Organized by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, the young pilgrims, otherwise known […]

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Renew or… become obsolete

Suitably, the saying is “renew or die.” In the world of Internet, where everything happens at high speeds, this is particularly true. Technology and the media are constantly renewed on the Internet. And so should our portals and social networks. Both .famvin and We Are Vincentians have begun a process of adaptation and renewal of […]

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The Future is Without Apps: Now on Social

The future is without apps, or so they say…. We may soon no longer need to install apps with help from Google and Apple. “There’s an App for That.” You’ve heard it. It’s the trademarked slogan that defined the mobile world since 2008. Surely, apps seemed to be the way to go. Coding bootcamps that […]

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