Year of Consecrated Life

Honoring our Prophets

Father Pat Griffin concludes his series, Considering Consecrated Life, with a final post  dedicated to Honoring our Prophets. This week, we come to the end of the Year of Consecrated Life, but its blessings continue.  Along that line, the scripture readings from this...

A Consecrated Life – Father Patrick Griffin

Each member of the Vincentian Family—as all Christians–bears a consecration to God…

Personal judgment

In his weekly series "Considering Consecrated Life" Father Pat Griffin reflects on Personal Judgment. At the daily Eucharist during this past week, the First Book of Samuel provided the first reading.  We heard the interesting story of the origin and commissioning of...

God’s Beloved Child

Remember how God whispered to us on the day of our Baptism: you are my beloved child, I am pleased with you.

Pat Griffin CM – A Free Spirit

Pat Griffin CM – A Free Spirit

And so, the Spirit is free. From the view of that Spirit, “liberal” and “conservative” must and do tend in the same direction. As persons consecrated by that divine presence, we pray for her outpouring in our lives and ministries as Pentecost comes upon us.

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